Bad dreams/nightmares?

Has anyone else noticed an influx of really bad dreams lately? Not so much about the baby for me, more about my partner. Really emotional and overwhelming dreams 😪
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Definitely agree with you there. It’s just the weirdest thing. Haven’t had many baby dreams. I’d love to have some instead of these night terrors. I thought I was just going crazy

How many months PP are you? Me I’m almost 9 months PP and I get them. I used to wake up real nauseous from them

Yup. I would have to agree but more vivid dreams than bad. But these last few nights have been weird dreams that feel real. Not sure how how great my sleep is but the dreams are very strong and clear 🥴😕

Every single night

Vivid dreams, not so much bad dreams (unless dreams that challenge one’s morals are bad…)

I don't know if mine could be described as bad, but I just woke up from a dream where I tagged (spray painted) a bunch of bikes with lime green paint and then was hiding from the cops in a residential gym at a place I didn't live by pretending I had diarrhea... Definitely not nightmare fuel, but really weird and vivid.

I've had vivid real dreams and then bad dreams about my partner as well... it super sucks... I'm emotionally drained when I wake up and it's not fun ...

I have there so vivid I woke up from a nightmare ab getting kidnapped only bc I was BITING MY OWN ARM and not the kidnappers😭

yess the dreams are soo real!!! had a very vivid dream we were in the living room eating chickfila, woke up & started crying bc there was no chickfila 😭

My dreams have been pretty crazy but to be fair my toddler only started sleeping longer stretches a few months ago so I didn’t have time to get into a deep enough sleep to have crazy dreams for two years before that. I had loads of issues with crazy/bad dreams before my first pregnancy too.

I've had very vivid dreams and also not great ones about my partner as well. I had a dream he married his ex and was cheating .. it felt so real, i wake up emotionally drained and upset , nauseated

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