Successful natural induction and unmedicated labor

If anyone is trying to get their baby out naturally I did this yoga sequence and started having contractions 3 hours later and 12 hours of labor after that my baby was here!!! I was 40w+1 day when I had her yesterday. Highly recommend this video and meditation if you are trying to avoid induction as mine was scheduled for next week!
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Thank you for sharing this and congratulations!

Congrats! I’ll be trying this link tomorrow. 39+3 and READY


I forgot about this video. It worked a little with my second, so let's try it again. Congratulations, Mama!

I’m gonna do this right now! 😂 I have been having fluctuating high blood pressure and even if it takes a couple times, it could help relieve the stress I’ve been feeling. Thank you for the link! ❤️

Congratulations!! 40+4 weeks pregnant I’m gonna try this 😭

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