Is this positive?!

My baby is almost 9 months and I’ve been feeling kind of off lately (nauseous and tired) and my period is 5 days late. I took a digital test and it said not pregnant, but when I opened it up I saw what looked like a faint second line! Is this positive? It’s really faint so should I wait a few days and test again?
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No line

I see the faint line, you should wait a few more days and maybe just spring for the clear response early detection tests

Maybe try a digital, i feel like i see a faint line. But im not sure

@Kia this one was a digital test. It said not pregnant, but I popped it open and this was the strip inside

@Justine I don’t think the picture picked it up too well but it can be seen clear as day with the naked eye. My husband saw it too

@Ashlyn test again in about 3 days. That happened to me with my first born, the next day it was positive

@Kia thank you! Definitely freaking out😂

@Ashlyn digitals can have 2 lines and not be pregnant. They aren’t meant to be broken apart and read. They also require a lot of hcg to read. I would try to use a standard line test or strip! Wishing the best

Once you take a test apart it is immediately invalid. Especially digitals.

If you take the test apart, it immediately becomes invalid. Do not take it apart.

Try a pink dye strip test from Amazon or the store. Like others have pointed out once you open the test it's invalid.

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