Check on your partners.

Just finished my therapy session and found out that my husband can go through depression during and after my pregnancy. She had mentioned that dads can have anxiety about the baby and or if they will be good Parents. So check on you partners too.
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I will check thank you

It's so important we understand this more for our men it's a huge change for them too and really can mess with them. A lot of dad's end up harming themselves in the first few years of babies being born as they feel alone and scared and have a lot of different pressures placed on them. We all know women get it and how bad it is for us so it's vital we recognise it's similar (not saying the same) for men too. As much as they need to check in and support us it's a two way street so we need to do the same back. ❤️

Also to add if anyone from the UK sees this and recognises their partner is struggling the NHS made a useful resource called dad pad that aims to guide dads through at least the first year I believe (it's new so they're constantly working on it) and has great resources for pnd in men and where to get help if they think they need it

@Suan how do you stay strong

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