Millie moon diapers

How do y’all feel about Milie moon diapers after their formula change? I recently got a pack and my baby immediately got a rash. I wanted to return them but my husband paid cash and threw away the receipt. And I know target is sketchy about returns without receipts. Should I just buy a new pack? I really don’t want to considering how expensive they are now but I also don’t want to see my baby suffer with constant rash
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Wait they changed their formula? That pisses me off. We have been using these since we brought my son home 7 months ago and I love them! I haven’t noticed any new rashes but I haven’t bought a new pack for a couple weeks now. I’m switching back to freestyle world diapers lol 😂

When did they change their formula???

I believe sometime last year. Same with honest. I currently use honest for my baby. At this point I don’t even know which is better. Anyone tried coterie? The price is what’s keeping me from buying it.

@Temmy I loveeee coterie. But honestly freestyle world is a lot better. I get 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for a month and they always last me longer than a month.

I was an honest girl but now I’m loving Millie moon . I don’t want jinx us but my baby has not gotten a rash since I bought her home . I change diapers every feed. They are so soft and I love that for her .

@Camille Danielle thank you, I’ll look into it.

They did change their formula! I’m so upset about it because my in-laws just sent us five mf boxes 😭 and my husband didn’t want to do anything about it. Healthybaby from target is clean.

@Temmy I got a sample of coterie, they are sooooo soft

@Megan those are my fav too! Amazing for overnight

Too many blow outs for me. I switched instantly to honest during the day and Huggies at night.

Ugh I didn’t know this and it explains the increase in rashes we have been having. I use cloth too but I might need to try something else.

@Kianna have you had issues with healthy baby? We always had leaks with honest baby

We just had our first ever diaper rash (he’s 8 mo) with our LO and we use Millie Moon. Reaaaally hoping it was unrelated because I love these diapers so much and the price point is amazing. Definitely gonna use this post for ideas 😭 Such a bummer

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