Low milk supply

My baby is 14 weeks. Iv always had a low milk supply so supplementing with formula. However since last week I’m only able to express 20ml every feed instead of 90ml this is so stressful. I don’t want to give up! Any advice please
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It's supposed to be a supply and demand thing so increasing supply can be more about the amount of times expressed than the amount you get. I would recommend increasing expressing to mimic cluster feeds, spend a few hours expressing for 15/20 mins every hour in addition to every 2/3 hours rest of the day and every 4/5 hours overnight. But put a sock over the collector to help you switch off from stressing about amounts, focus on the time instead. It's possible your boobs have changed a bit since birth so it could be worth reviewing whether the size of the flange is still correct as that can make a huge difference to how much gets out. I understand what it's like to put the pressure on yourself and it's actually really hard! So give yourself some grace. Remember there are more important things, if it's important to you it's important to try but it's ok if it doesn't work out. I combi fed at first because of NICU but am fully BF now. Message if you'd like to chat more about it 😊

Try and see if I here are breastfeeding support groups in your area or la leche league groups. They are really supportive, friendly and all info is evidence based. They can help with increasing your supply. Stress is a milk making killer. You want to be as relaxed and happy as you can ☺️ The more oxytocin you have the more milk and better flow. Also as someone said above the more baby is on your boob the more you make. If you pump it helps to have baby close, smell something of baby, look at pictures. Gentle breast massage before hand can help. If the breast is warm can help to yield more milk.

Maybe your partner, family, friends can help you take some things off your plate so you can be more relaxed. It's ok to ask for help. That doesn't mean you are incapable. It just means you are human and a smart woman for delegating. Cause your most important job is to care for that baby 😄❤️ And even from that we need a break every so often 😄 Maybe make a cup of tea, take your favourite bikkis, put your favourite show on, put your feed up and have a relaxing pump. Or whatever you find relaxing 😂 You could try Power pumping. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/1yBjyhpkmAi8wvdu/ Here are two links on increasing milk supply. https://kellymom.com/hot-topics/low-supply/ https://laleche.org.uk/how-to-increase-your-milk-supply/ At the end of the day, you are trying your very best! ❤️ You are a loving mum that wants the best for their baby. You are doing great, be kind to yourself ☺️

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