Same clothes

I’ve never understood why people dress their children in the exact same clothes?! The kids are different ages and it baffles me
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My son asks to match his baby sister sometimes Heck he even picked out two rainbow onesies from Bonds he wanted for both of them

Well, because they cry if you don't! 🤣🤣

Because it’s bloody adorable

What a strange post.

Cos its cute... ive never understood why people have an issue with how someone else dresses their children

My mum used to do it to identify us easily at the airport and other busy places. But like it's not that deep. It's only an issue if the kids have an issue with it.

@Lisa I agree, I mean people get bothered by the strangest things... 🙄🙄

My 7 yr old daughter can't wait until I buy matching clothes for her and her baby sister

I buy matching outfits for my two sons and their dad so they can all dress the same!!

Cause it’s sooo cute! And also saves me time picking different outfits when I can just buy 2 of the same thing!

Easy to identify. Simplicity when buying clothes.

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