Shots in the hospital or all shots done at pediatrician

Did any mama’s let the hospital give there baby a vitamin K shots or did you do all your shots at your pediatrician?! Also would it be weird if I asked the nurses to do all her shots in front of me?!
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I have my kids shots in front of me. Not weird. They should ask if you want to be there for it or not. And get it done after birth when they offer it. Vitamin k shots help stop vitamin k deficiency bleeding (vkdb) if I were you I’d look it up and become familiar with it. It’s important to get done asap

@Caitlin this is my 2nd pregnancy I didn’t get to experience the full birth experience due to the fact I had twins and they came at 26 weeks so this pregnancy is really different 😭 I made sure my twins got all of there shots and so will this baby girl!

Vitamin k shots don’t seem important until an infant starts to bleed out. Please consent to the vitamin K.

Uk based so vitamin k was the only one given in hospital immediately after skin to skin as like mary ann said it’s crucial to have it asap to help clotting the rest was given at 8 week appointment, i would defo ask to be there for them your always here for every needle other than a lumbar puncture usually if needed here so im shocked your not in the room for shots over there i wouldnt let my baby leave me for anything routine no reason for you not to be able to supervise 🤣

@Rhiannon I had them take my daughter to the nursery for her 24hr tests only cuz of ptsd from watching my son fail his and be put on full support and flown to a nicu in the city. You can opt for them to do it all in room or in nursery in the US

@Nicole great! The vitamin k shot is the most important directly after birth (or within that day) as like others have said it helps baby be able to make blood clots. I also work in healthcare and prefer all shots and immunizations to be done in front of me. Like with my son if it’s on his dads day to have him I go with. I wanna make sure they are getting done.

@Rhiannon all shots are done in the same room that you’re recovering in, they don’t even have a general nursery in the hospital I was in

Vitamin K is not the same as a vaccine though, it's a supplement that your baby likely needs if they're suggesting you get it...

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