My baby keeps cluster feeding and if he goes more then 40mins-1hr without eating he just cries! Should I continue feeding him?!! I’m producing lots of milk. He eats a lot… I don’t want to over feed him! He is my first and so I obviously have never dealt with this before. He is only a week and half old. Please help! Feel like I’m doing something wrong 😭
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My lactation consultant told me babies will eat until they’re full! It’s definitely hard work but she said it should regulate with time!!

Babies will eat until they’re full! Just feed him however much he wants😁

Newborns only cry when they need something: feed, change, burp, attention, etc. if he's hungry then you should feed him. You're not doing anything wrong. He's just used to being in your uterus where he was constantly fed and now he has to 'ask' for it. It will get better and he'll eat more faster and sleep longer. So if he cries and will take the bottle then let him eat, momma. You've got this❤️ my baby is 2.5 weeks old and is the same way and he's my second child. My first child is 20 months old.

Same here! A d he's 5weeks old almost 6😓... he's getting a bit better..instead of 45min he's now mostly up to every hour-hour and a half, but he still gets some random feeding in between... My pediatrician said it's normal, he is a snacker... it should get better! Also she told me it is impossible overfeeding them while breastfeeding them! Hang in there!!

That's super normal! If he isnt spitting up a ton, hes not overeating. It's also possible he is gassy. Some babies want to eat when they are gassy. Try a gas massage and if still fussy and rooting around then feed them!

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