Little one is 4 months and mother in law wants me to wean him. I don’t feel comfortable but she said it was normal in her time. I don’t know what to say 🙁
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I think they used to say from 4months but the advice is now from 6 months as babies digestive system and throat is more developed. Nhs advise from 6 months - can show her this - :) https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/baby/weaning-and-feeding/babys-first-solid-foods/

It was but guidance has changed. Wait until 6 months. No advantage in starting earlier.

Show her the guidance has changed and explain it can cause some issues for baby in the future etc. I say this even though I weaned from 4 months but that was due to his severe reflux and nothing really helping he was showing signs of readiness and he's under a dietician who wanted us to try and to do it slowly to try and give him some relief as he was struggling. However in due our second in a few weeks and we won't be weaning until 6 months unless she's the same as her brother and the dietician requests it then I'll do it earlier.

Back in her time they did a lot of things we now know are harmful. When we know better we do better. It’s your baby, not hers. Explain nicely why you won’t be weaning them early. Present her with evidence if you want to but equally you don’t have to. A no should be enough.

i’m personally gonna start introducing solids at 4 months (my LO is 3.5months) so maybe once every 2 days. but always do what your comfortable win and don’t fall for the pressure!

I was told to do this as well with my first child so I tried it and it just gave him the worst stomach aches and made him very constipated so speaking from personal experience I’d just say you’d like to wait until they are around 6 months. With my second baby I did start giving a little bit of puree every other day from 5.5 months to get her used to it and that seemed to work a lot better. Its your child, no one else’s so you do what you want to do and don’t let anyone tell you how to do things that you don’t feel comfortable doing🙂x

Do you mean to wean from breastfeeding? Hard no! As the above have said already, as of 6 months the babies can start testing the waters. Food for the first year is test (allergies, textures, flavours ) and play! Not so much for nutrition. They still need their milk, If you are breastfeeding I’d suggest you do so for as long as you can - and want! :) Back in the day they thought smoking was good for pregnancy nausea so… sorry gran but no thanks! ☺️ times have changed! I just smile and nod at parenting advice I think is silly and educate myself through scientifically proven facts alongside gut feeling - a mum knows when her baby is hungry xx

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