How many mamas had a natural birth after having a c-section and did u or did u not use an epidural my plan with my first was to have him naturally but ended up having a emergency c-section and the epidural failed me so they put me fully under for the c-section I wanna try having this one naturally but I wanna know the pros and cons before I do
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I’m still learning a lot about unmedicated (no epidural) birth plans and options. It’s my first baby so I can’t speak from experience. But from my research i am choosing to go to birth center and have a doula to assist to help support my unmedicated birth plan. A doula online by the name of Bridget Taylor and her YouTube and free Built to Birth mini course have been so informative. Including a breast feeding book my grand mother gave me about not only breast feeding but the impact interventions and medication (including epidural) can have on not only your labor and breast feeding success. Here is the book. I wish you the best with your decision. It is just a matter of what your goals are and your gut. I want something as natural as possible and am building a support system that will assist and encourage me in that. My husband has back issues so I also have my own reasons for not wanting an epidural that could affect me for years to come if done wrong. It’s a precaution of mine.

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