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Anyone else finding it hard to remember to take care of yourself. Today by 2 pm I was hit with an excruciating headache and realized I hadn't eaten anything today. I at least took the time to shower when my little one was sleeping. But it seems like every day I struggle to balance everything I need to do for him and also myself. I'm also trying to finish school and that seems impossible. I can't imagine what it'll be like when I go back to work in a few weeks! I can't be alone in this feeling! ***Picture of my sweet boy during my college class last night.
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I’m the same, I usually have a coffee in the morning while feeling my bubba but then forget to eat until 2 or 3pm. She is a terrible day sleeper so sometimes I don’t even get a shower 😳 my meals are whatever I find in the freezer that I can just put in the oven to heat up at night. I’m on my own so no one to watch her while I cook/clean/eat/shower…. Needless to say my house is not its usual spotless clean ☹️ Im lucky I have a year of paid leave between my maternity leave, annual leave and long service leave so I won’t have to deal with the work/home balance struggle for a little while yet. But was thinking of doing an online course…might be wishful thinking though ☹️

I know it’s hard but I make it a priority for me to get up and fix myself a hot breakfast. Treating yourself the best makes for an evening more amazing momma. You are doing a wonderful job momma!

I find even with my moms help, I dont get eating until lunch time and. I'll wake up, tend to my daughter first, feed her, change diaper, burp her etc. Then tend to myself

Oh god I feel this. If my husband doesn’t make me coffee and breakfast before he goes to work I just can’t find space to do it. When she’s awake I can’t help but want to interact with her and I forget about my needs. When she’s asleep, she’s contact napping. And sometimes she hates the slings we have 🤦🏼‍♀️ I never thought I’d use the bathroom with a newborn in my arms 😂 probably was wishful thinking though

I always get busy with the baby too and don’t get to eat or even drink water until 2/3 pm. I always found myself to be a good multitasker but somehow with baby I can’t seem to take care of the house or myself while taking care of her too 😩

I am full of a cold / flu and it hit me really bad on Tuesday. I felt awful, I couldn't even look after my own baby. My MIL did everything and I cried about it because I felt so helpless but I really am grateful for that help!!

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