Kitty in crib?

Does anyone else allow their cat to sleep with the baby? My daughter is 3 months old and just started sleeping in her crib. My cat also sleeps in our room at night and I don't want to kick her out, but she seems curious about the crib
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Nooooooooooooooooooooo it’s a big suffocation hazard. The kitty loves your baby and wants to snuggle and it can be very dangerous for such a young baby.

@Elizabeth okay, we just set up the crib last night and she seemed really curious. I haven't let her climb in the crib at all

Honestly while I was pregnant the cat kind of slept in her smaller crib since she's been born though he hasn't....we do have his little cat tree sittinf at her window so that if he does sleep in her roon he will go curl up in his little nest. he does love to curl next to her/be close to her. Anytime I'm sitting in bed with her or on the couch he will come curl up next to me to be close to her and it's really sweet

no my kitty was not allowed in my room while my baby was in a co sleeper bassinet and is now not allowed in my babies room due to cats having tendencies to lay on babies and suffocate them

No don’t let that happen lol

My family calls it stealing the babies breath they smell the milk and sit on the baby chest to lick the milk and the baby can't raise its chest and suffocates

Cats actually suffocating babies is basically zero. But still, best to keep kitty out of the cot while sleeping :) my cat was never really interested in being near her when she was a newborn

Unfortunately way too dangerous. We had this issue too as before baby my cat would sleep with me and be basically attached to my hip. Luckily she has adjusted well. But first few weeks she wasnt allowed in bedroom with baby. And since baby has started kicking she is now afraid of baby so doesnt want to come near her anymore haha

We kept our cat out of the room once baby was born.

No, the cat can suffocate the baby. They will snuggle and it can pose a huge threat.

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