Baby’s feeding schedule.

At what stage did you stop waking your baby every three hours for a feed? And just let them feed on demand especially through the night? Baby is 6 weeks and I’m still not letting her go any longer than four hours day or night but unsure if this is right or wrong🙃
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I didn't stop waking my baby every three hours pretty much on the dot until he was like 3 months. But he was also lower in weight and I never remembered to pump so it was just easier

I think when they double their birth weight you can let them sleep and wake you up!

Once they reach birth weight

Once baby is back at their birth weight and gaining weight well you can let them sleep. In the early days (before around 12 weeks) you’ll probably wake quite uncomfy if baby goes long spans between feeds so you can either dream feed or wake baby to feed to relieve you of some milk or hand express off a little to make you more comfortable x

I did once she was back at birth weight

@Courtney it’s when they reach birthweight again. Most babies don’t double weight until 4-6 months x

My health visitor told me yesterday that as my little girl is above her birth weight don’t wait her up and she will let you know when she is hungry and boy does she!! Sleep at night!!!

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