I forgot about the crampssssss

This is my 5th pregnancy (only two live births) and I forgot about the cramps 😭😭
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It makes me freak out everyday 😩

Oh my gosh yes! Whenever I get a really bad one I immediately go to the restroom 😩

How far along are you guys? I’m 4 weeks & 2 days. This is my 3rd pregnancy(both were miscarriages) so I’m freaking out

@Madison 4 weeks and something days. Cramps are normal in pregnancy it’s the uterus growing.

@Jada Rust I had one of the butthole ones yesterday and thought I was gonna shit myself.

@Caitlin that makes me feel better. I was started to stress

@Madison obviously if the cramps are horrible and painful definitely go get checked out. But cramps off and on is normal throughout the whole pregnancy. ❤️

I have been experiencing this too and it freaks me out cause I just had a miscarriage 7 months ago and now pregnant 5 weeks 😭

@Niya light cramping is normal throughout pregnancy. I know it’s nerve wracking and scary but it’s just your uterus growing.

Is is suppose to be consistent cramping on one side in my bikini area?

@Madison shouldn’t really be constant no. You should go to the dr

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