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Hey, I'm pregnant with my first and completely overwhelmed by figuring out what we need. This started with the Snoo. I saw a video of a mom talking about how amazing it is, worth every penny (especially second hand). I went on a deep dive and am seriously considering it if I can find a used one for a good price. Any rants or raves about the snoo? I'm starting to realize I don't know anything about anything. What other things do I need? Any raves on amazing products that made life easier with a new baby? What things are worth the splurge, and what can be done on a budget? I don't mind spending more on quality products but I also don't want to assume because something is expensive, it's necessary or superior. Let me hear your product recommendations!
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For me and my baby the things that made life easiest was a couple of different carriers a comfortable one for sitting and a supportive one for cooking and cleaning. Getting a capsule not just going straight to a 0-4 car seat. I went with a maxi cos I micro12 which meant he could be in it until 12 months and having the adapters on the pram meant naps that started in the car could be transitioned to the pram or house and kept going. But obviously depends on the baby. I didn’t bother with the snoo. I do regret not getting a co sleeper bassinet like I wanted.

I splurged on the Swaddelini because my daughter hated all the other swaddles and it really helped us all get more sleep!

Love the snoo! Bought ours secondhand and our 9 week old has been using it since we came home.

I splurged on the stroller. Got a Nuna Mixx Next and the matching Nuna Pipa infant car seat that can be used on the Mixx Next stroller. I LOVE the stroller, super easy to use and light. Going on different terrains is great. However i regret buying the Pipa. Part of it is my baby is really big and she's already outgrown it. She also didn't like it, AND i barely left the house the first 2 months. She's 5 months now and we only used it medical appointments for LO and maybe a handful of times so it feels like a waste of money. They sell stay-in-the-car car seats that are from 4lbs to 100lbs that i think are much more worth it. Bedside bassinet though is AMAZING. Really calmed both me and LO at night. Being beside her and able to touch her whenever she seems anxious is really calming for her and me. The only big things i got new are the stroller and the car seat. Everything else i got second handed and worked well.

My kids are 2 and 3. I wish i got a stroller that: 1. potentially convert to a double 2. has a higher sitting seat (RIP my back) 3. Is a popular brand. That doesn't mean more expensive but it will be easier to find "universal" accessories.

My baby didn’t care for the Snoo. Used it few times. But I know many babies love it. I say get it because the resell value is very good. I got mine for $900 and sold it for $800. I LOVE my Nuna REVV™ Rotating Convertible Car Seat. Worth every penny, back saver. Mockingbird Stroller. Jolly Jumper (at around 4months). Hatch Sleep. HEYVALUE Baby Bottle Warmer. Tushbaby hip carrier. MamaRoo swing. Pumpinose Nasal Aspirator. Frida Baby Cradle Cap System. Medela Breast Pump. Contours Oasis 2-Stage Infant Bathtub.   SRDCAIM Baby Bedside Sleeper Portable Crib

For me the most important thing it was the car seat the one that I really like is the 360 Evenflo. I feel it was cheap and comfortable for my son. For the stroller I went for the mom push lithe v2 lightweight stroller is $170.00 but is great in snowy areas and it has a nest mode. The hatch for sleeping is great! Has music and my son likes it as well.

Not a splurge but the SwaddleMe velcro swaddles are a lifesaver. Buy them and bring one to the hospital so you don’t have to mess around with a blanket swaddle! These things have saved us so much sleep by letting us cozy up our baby quickly after middle of the night feedings. On day 4 of being home we caved and got a SnuggleMe lounger which I said I’d never buy but has been a must have. Our baby hates to nap during the day unless it’s on me which gets tough. I can easily transfer her to the lounger to sleep (ALWAYS supervised) which at least frees up my hands during her naps and allows my husband to watch her so I can leave the couch every now and then. Definitely splurge on a car seat with comfortable padding - a happy baby in the car is so much better than a screaming baby. Finally, a bottle sanitizer. A massive time saver if you’re pumping or doing bottles at all. We have the Dr Browns and it’s worth every penny already.

Hiya, I’m the same and it’s my first! There are so so many products, decided will get basics then look into gadgets as and when - work out what I may need or what will help when the baby is here xx

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