I’m two weeks post partum and I have a fever of 100 and chills. It’s very late so I can’t go see my dr. Any advice?
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Are you breastfeeding

@Katrina yes

It may be mastitis

I had the same thing but with out mastitis. Dr said it was normal. Go ahead and do the compresses, maybe a hot shower and try to hand express if your breast is tender

I had the same thing 2 weeks PP, my midwife recommended I keep Poke Root (from Herbalore brand) tincture on hand ahead of time. Added 4 small droplets to some water and took it at night. Fever/ chills was gone in 3 hours. Plus did breast massage, hot shower and continue to breastfeed.. it’s seems like a sign of clogged ducts on the verge of mastitis coming in.

@Ariel yes I’m scared it already is mastitis. I came to an urgent care to see what they say since my dr never answered but thank you for your response!

My midwife recommended to eat a spoonful of garlic and honey and chug water. It’s gross but, it worked. I haven’t felt it coming on since

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