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I apologize this is long. I'm currently struggling with the potential of infertility and possibly not having any more children (I have been blessed with 2 beautiful kids) I recently found out with my diagnoses that it may not be possible to have more and I'm not coping with it well. Someone recommended making a baby box and filling it with things for the baby I hope to someday have (including letters) and if I end up not having any more giving it to someone who needs it's when I'm ready to let go. I guess my question is has anyone else done something like this before or how did you cope with infertility.
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Sorry to hear this 😔 Is IVF an option for you? Would you ever consider adopting or fostering? That’s interesting that you’ve had two children previously and now they’re suggesting that you may be infertile.

@M.J it's due to recent diagnosis and my health conditions worsening. I have pcos which has worsened so I don't have regular periods or ovulation at all anymore and I also have a brain condition that tricks my body into thinking I'm already pregnant and with that same condition they don't really recommend pregnancy anyways. I would do ivf I just know it can get expensive and like I said they technically don't recommend. I'd love to adopt but I don't think I'm strong enough to foster.

I'm very sorry to hear that. I'm facing a similar situation, I need to find out more first but I'm prepared for not good news. I have a hard time with dealing with it too. I think the baby box sounds like a cool idea. I think talking about it helps too with friends or a counselor or something. It definitely hurts. But we just gotta love ourselves and remind ourselves that things will be ok. Plus you have 2 beautiful babies!! You got this!! Things will get better with time.

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