Am I the only one who is tired of getting loads of daily messages from family and friends asking if my baby is here yet? My EDD is on the 8th and I was really hopeful that my baby would be here by the end of march (which didn’t happen). So every day that passes by it makes me extremely anxious and sad, thinking about the possibility of having to be induced or having a cesarian when it was never on my plans. All of the decision making and daily effort to start on labour naturally affects me hugely, so the last thing I need is more pressure from people. I know they are worried about me and I appreciate it, but they don’t understand how it makes me feel. Of course my closest friends and family will know first hand once he’s born, so I don’t understand why sending me daily messages when I already told them that I will say once he’s here. Anyway… 😔
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I feel your pain with this, x

Oh this was awful first time around. It's why this time we have simply told people we are due in Spring, so no one knows the due date to actually hassle me about it!

My mom has people in her street asking and waiting, and then she keeps telling me about so an so waiting on hearing and meeting baby. (I barely know these people). I just want to hide in a bubble and tell everyone to leave me alone😂😂

Is this your first baby? Best advice i can give from my own experience with my first child is don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t let people talk you into things you aren’t comfortable or ready to do yet, if you and baby need space for a while tell everyone they need to wait to see baby or wait until you are ready!. My fiancé’s parents were worse for it. My son was 20minutes old and my MIL was bombarding me with messages about me taking him to see them as soon as i was discharged the same day. I was that exhausted i didn’t even put a fight, id not been home and showered, eaten, adjusted or anything. 6 hours old and they had us going all the way to them which now looking back i wish id never let happen. The messages never stopped from then on always wanting us to take him over, if we said no theyd make us feel bad. My son is now 2 and a half and we haven’t spoken to them in 2 years (different reasonings) also nearly 39 weeks pregnant with my daughter and they haven’t contacted

I feel your pain! I’m not even due until the 21st and I keep being bombarded 😩 xx

Thank you for your messages, it’s “nice” to see that I’m not the only one experiencing that. Yes it is my first baby and I’m learning with that… I’m really trying to place boundaries, but my family is african, so if you know you know…😂 I have mentioned not wanting anyone at home but my partner for the first couple of weeks and I was bombarded with comments that I’m trying to separate my son from the rest of the family which is absolutely not true 🤔 anyway, I had to give up on that but certainly I won’t have anyone here for the first few days. Next time, I won’t say any dates for sure. I’ll just say he’s due in march/April/wtb and it should protect me from all of this…

Ive had all the “your taking him away from us” its ridiculous. This is your baby lovely its what you say goes not what everyone else wants. I can sort of understand the African side of it due to friends. It must be hard for you! You are not alone at all x

My sister is starting to message multiple times per day. Both parents yesterday. It’s like - do you honestly think I wouldn’t tell you if I had my baby 🤣. He’s the first nephew and grandchild so I do get it. But please stop. I didn’t reply to my sister yesterday afternoon and by the evening she sent a “hello????” And I replied with “please stop pestering me about the baby” and she went “calm down”. Yeah. The absolute best thing to say to a heavily pregnant crazy person.

I get more messages lately than the usual, for the moment people are not too pushy, but my mom is like "just pop the baby out and i'll take her off your hands, you can go in your way" 🤣 told her to make a baby of her own then. But, on April 1st, i pranked a few people that i'm in labour. The husband didn't appreciate the joke he was quite upset 😅, but i had a lot of fun and laughter that day. Try muting your phone or messages and go for a walk, read something, or do what u enjoy 4 a whole day at least. Be selfish and just tell your partner it's a u day and won't take any calls

Mine is the first child First grandchild First nephew First Godson And he was meant to be here since Monday 😂😂😂😂😖😖😖😂 so imagine 😫😫😂😂😂

Yep so frustrating the first time around and we were due over Christmas, my birthday and he finally came at 41+6 but the messages were unbearable. This time I’ve just told people ‘late April early May’ & that my first born didn’t come until 42w so I’m not expecting this one to either. I just ended up Ignoring people in the end. You also don’t need to be induced or have a c-section for being ‘overdue’ remember the dates are just estimates over a 4-5week period xx

I had one friend message me THREE times A DAY asking if he was here yet. Drove me bloody bonkers. I got to the point where I just ignored the messages in the end and just told her when he was here. It’s up to you to announce the birth of your baby, it’s not up to everyone else to hound you.

@Gemma my mom had my sister (3rd kid) at almost 44w and ended up being induced, my lil' sister didn't want to come out 😅🤣

@Rhiannon I replied very sarcastically ‘yeah the baby arrived a few days ago, sorry I must’ve forgot to tell you’ they soon stopped messaging me🥰

@Lexie oh wow she really was comfy in there😂 I hope I don’t go to 44w this time but what will be will be! X

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