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Any tips on how to breastfeed in public without exposing myself/drawing attention. Currently 10 weeks with an EBF baby and would like to find ways to breastfeed in public as discreetly as possible. I’m still very new to breastfeeding and sometimes it doesn’t go very smoothly with baby latching on/off, moving about a lot, crying or needing to be burped mid feed. She can also be quite a noisy feeder lol. She’s also very impatient and wants to be fed as soon as she’s hungry within 5 min of showing hunger cues so it’s difficult to find nearest bathroom or feeding room or bench that quickly too. I usually feed in the car if needed and where possible take pumped milk but for days out and about (e.g. walks in a park) it’s hard to pump enough milk as baby feeds on demand and we don’t have a proper schedule yet. I really want to find a way to make it easier as don’t want to switch to formula just yet nor have it affect my milk supply and being locked in the house is getting depressing.
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I would like to know too Insha'Allah! My baby is 6 weeks and this is my second Alhumdulillah but first time being able to breastfeed properly. He also cluster feeds so needs to be fed regularly. I've been taking formula when out and would like to exclusively bf Insha'Allah. I feel like I don't get time to pump as baby is always latched on and doesn't sleep for long periods

I always wear breastfeeding friendly outfits. Something i can undo from top. I also go out with an extra veil that is not transparent to cover The difficult part is latching them, once theyve latched, they will figure it out For location, i usually feed right as we are leaving the house and try to find somewhere closed off every 45 mins to top her up I don’t want her to gey hungry and demand because then i get super anxious and can’t think Some big malls have family bathrooms with breastfeeding sections Also changing rooms in clothes shop

@Robiat do you have some examples of bf friendly outfits and best places to buy them? The biggest struggle is when I’m on a walk outside or to the high street. Where can I park my pram to use the changing rooms as they don’t usually allow them in.

I wear Abaya with zips, i go to Whitechapel in London and have a walk around, shirts with buttons, shein also have some Really loose t shirts that I can pull up easily If its high street, and you are really desperate with no other choice, i have used the disabled toilets Its large enough to take the pram, i just remain standing and try to touch nothing On a walk, my baby mostly settles when I am pushing stroller so i keep pushing 😂😂😂 and keep an eye out for a suitable place to top her up The trick is try to use is frequent feeds before she even asks It can be exhausting just looking out for hidden spots but its better than waiting for her to start wailing I also use pacifier, provides comfort as sometimes they aren’t even hungry

Initial stages I wore abaya with zips, but as she got older and more wanting to be involved, I found a shirt and high waist pants or shirt and high waist skirt was the easiest way to bf, just lift shirt up and feed. I would also wear a jersey khimar, that would act as a cover over the baby and chest.

I use a breastfeeding cover from amazon from a brand called juicy bumbles that has a hoop at the top so i can see baby, it takes a bit to try and get used to it but its been so helpful, i also wear breastfeeding friendly clothes so its easier to unbutton and not have to hold a top up x

Breastfeeding cover/apron ! They are life savers. Make sure you buy the one that is wired at the top - allows you to see the baby whilst not revealing any skin

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