Work from home? 😵‍💫

any stay at home moms have a way of making money from home?? I am still pregnant and hoping to find something from home so I can stay with my little when she’s born. Any advice from other stay at home moms?
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Doesn’t exist unless a scam I’m so sorry to say. I wish it did believe me 😩

You can try some facebook groups that does the WFH job posting not all are scams. WFH jobs are over saturated so it’s hard to get hired but they are out there !

I am a WFHM, I am in the finance field and only go on-site two days a month. I would say it is possible, but I don’t know the job market at the moment. My job positions are listed as hybrid with my company. I would recommend applying for a hybrid and see the options they give their employees.

I market for an online wellness store and we’re always looking for mommas who wanna make a little extra cash 🥰 my little is 4.

@Brianna im interested!

@Brianna I’m interested also

@Channa can you send me your phone number? We can set up a time to talk!

@Nyiaa can you send me your phone number? We can set up a time to talk that works for you!

Watch out for pyramid schemes (sometimes called Multi Level Marketing)! Lots of the WFH 'jobs' I've seen basically make you sell a product for commission. I know it's tough right now (I've worked in the arts for years and there's suddenly next to no funding) and Maternity pay is a pitiful amount of money but, if you're UK based, it was Thatcher that came up with the unrealistic idea that women could work and bring up a family. Maybe look into childminding when baby's older (though my mum tried that and apparently I got so jealous she had to stop). Be really careful about what work you take, there are too many scammers and get-rich-quick/anyone-can-make-a-living-doing-this scams out there.

@Jazz had two interviews and I was so excited just to find out … pyramid scheme 😭


@Jazz yes! I used to work for a company called itworks! Only to find out it was a pyramid scheme. I literally couldn’t get a consistent flow of income. It was terrible

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