Chesty and congestion in newborn

My little one is just over 3 weeks old , doesn't seem to ne showing symptoms of being ill but seems very chesty and congested any advice would be much appreciated.
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my baby was like this! the nurse always said it’s just because he’s blocked up with gunk that was inside me i don’t know how much i believed her though. I used to use the nose spray and then i’d get the nose sucker and do that afterwards and it seemed to help a lot

Thanl you darling What nose spray babe and nose sucker? X

Aww my lad suffered like this when he was baby to help decongest him turn the shower on in your bathroom on hottest temperature and let it fill the bathroom with steam and sit in there with baby and just cup your hand and gently pat his back to help break anything down if anything the steam will help unblock his nose a little bit and realieve the wheezing a bit used to help my boy as he was restless with it all I just used to let him sleep in my arms but have him up right inbox me if you need x

My wee boy is 7 weeks and he is the same with a cough it’s awful. But I’ve been trying to keep him upright the nights are the worst. I’ve got nasal drops and done the steam in shower x

@Chelsea my girl is 7 weeks and same! Does anyone know when it stops?!

Nasal spray suction nose and get a humidifier. Use one of those humidifiers for kids from Walmart and they’re different animals. Message me if you want the actual name of it. And either steam from a hot shower will help or stand by the stove while your boiling water that’s the will help as well.

Doctors don’t give or suggest anything for it my daughter is going through very bad blocked nose she struggles lot because of it. But peds said either do hot water steam in shower or saline nasal spray or let her grow as she grows her nostrils gets bigger and she will be okay . This was advice i got today from doctor

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