Breast lump

Hey ladies! I felt a lump like thing on my left breast, on top corner. It was fine when I first felt it 5-6 weeks ago, but 2 weeks ago it started paining. OB regretted an ultrasound and today she asked me to get a biopsy done as she thinks it might be cancerous ! My world has flipped, I’m scared. 32 weeks pregnant right now. Has anyone else ever got any lumps in their breasts that were painful ? Is this normal ?
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Hey inbox me if you want x

Hey girly may not be the reassurance you need as everyone is different I have been in the exact same position in the past few weeks Got it checked and tested and it was a fibroadenoma (non cancerous tumour) that was changing in pain and size due to pregnancy hormones Fingers crossed everything is okay with you and it’s natural to be scared always here if you need a chat x

Thank you Jess !!! Super scared, I just hope it’s not cancer.

My mum has these. Had a total panic same as you. They are cysts. They were also painful and she chose to get them aspirated to reduce the pain but otherwise, there was no harm in letting them stay. Try not to worry yourself sick. I had cysts on my ovaries in the first trimester. I'm pretty sure your hormones do crazy things like this to your body when preggers x

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