How do I move around with car seat and stroller

Hello I hoping that someone might have any good ideas for how I can carry a car seat and stroller at the same time. I am going to Greece in June with my partner, my son (who will be 11 months at the time) and his friends and we had to buy a new car seat for my son as the one he had that clipped onto his stroller is too small. I bought the Joie stages car seat and realised it is huge and I am not sure how I will go anywhere with it. The flights are not the issue because they will take the car seat and stroller at the gate but my issue is if I want to go to the town centre and I have to take a taxi, how to I carry the car seat and push the stroller at the same time. It doesn't fit at the bottom of the stroller and it is very heavy. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have looked into getting a waggon so that it can fit the car seat and my son in it easily but they are very expensive and I can't afford that right now.
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When we travel we never take car seat, we just sling the baby when in a car as short period like a taxi drive. If long distance like minimum 1 hour, we booked for example a transport service where the mini van included bringing the car seat for the baby.

@Nieves I've had a couple of people say this but we are traveling a lot and we have to take a taxi to the airport and I am worried about safety issues with that but thank you for the suggestions

We’re taking both Get a trolley at the airport And just struggle :)

@Laura I was looking at car seat bags. I think it's good if you have someone strong carrying it but I don't think I'm strong enough to carry that on my back the whole time😅😅

I have the Joie all stages and I bought This so handy and it as a strap so you can carry it like a bag pack we have had it for 2 years and take it everywhere with us and it also protects it on the flight cause they don’t really care .

@Christine 💕🤍 is it heavy when you carry it on your back?

@Natalia my husband carry’s it and I push the buggy he seems fine with it xx

@Natalia I understand you, but we did it a lot during our holidays in Hong Kong and Korea and the same. He was just sling to me. Do what you feel most comfortable with of course. Specially as 11 months old baby. I was just suggesting that to not carry a car seat or find transport that give it to you. Which there is 😊 that's what we did from Geneve airport to Chamonix, France.

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