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Did anyone else have absolutely no amniotic fluid during there c section? Did it cause issues for there baby
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What do you mean? Did you have low amniotic fluid? This is often picked up by a scan before delivery

@Ellen I had low fluid on Tuesday before my delivery and Friday I delivered and they said I had non

I had my waters broken in the evening and the next morning had a csection. It didn't make a difference for me x

My waters broke before I had the c section so I wouldn't have had any. Didn't cause any problems that I'm aware of.

Mine broke 17 hours before my emergency c section and gushed out and kept gushing so I definitely had none and it caused no issues

Congratulations! I think it should be ok.

They found no fluid when I had my c section (but didn't know before hand) and my little boy had suspected sepsis and low blood sugar xx

Yes I was 10 days past my due date and on my last doctor visit they told me I had to go to the hospital because I had no fluid they induced me and 2 days later I had a c section with no complications my baby was perfectly fine

Congrats! Not sure because my waters broke exactly 24hours before my c-section and I was still leaking water right up until I got on the table. I’m sure the doctors would’ve picked up if something was wrong tho, you could call up the GP/midwife for reassurance x

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