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Okay so had our dating scan earlier this week at 8w3d and I have a tilted uterus apparently (news to me now issues with my daughter) so she wanted to do an internal cos she couldn’t see bub but I wasn’t keen i wasn’t prepared for an internal so I’ve now gotta go back will be next week or week after, would there much difference in bubs size between this week and around week 10? I really don’t want an internal if possible I don’t know why but they freak me out 😩😩
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The dating scan really isn't super exciting aside from confirming there is in fact a viable pregnancy. Personally I did the internal and it was totally fine, less invasive than a smear test but that's me. But yea my point is you don't really see much at the first scan at all

I had an internal done towards the end of my pregnancy and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I have heard that internals for dating scans are more accurate in terms of size of bub etc but can’t confirm if that’s actually true or not

In my eyes an internal scan is no different to how the baby got in there 😂

I have a tilters uterus and agreed to have an internal at my dating scan. In the early weeks the size won't be too different but from my experience with the tilted uterus is that they had much more accurate images even at later scans from internals because the angle of the uterus made the baby hard to see depending on their position. I know they sound scary and uncomfortable but the joy of seeing your baby makes you somewhat forget it's happening.

I dunno maybe it’s the thought of them moving it around 😩🙈

They don't really have to move it around too much. More just tilting it once it's in there. For one of my internal ones they had me insert it myself, the tech was male so that may be why, but maybe that could be something you ask for to make yourself more comfortable. The wand is really long so they don't have to be too close to you to control it.

I’m with you. I think the internals are invasive and outdated for a regular low risk dating scan. I did the exact same as you and just went back a week later. Having a full bladder can sometimes help them see too.

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