Third trimester

Up at 5am with acid reflux, rib, sciatica and pelvic pain. Tossing and turning trying to get comfy with a pregnancy pillow next to a snoring husband sleeping facing towards me. Is it possible to be so exhausted you can’t sleep 😭
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Acid reflux is the worst but a glass of milk should help you sleep as it temporarily gets rid of acid reflux x

Oh I feel for you feel free to inbox me if you want try distract yourself from the discomfort haha x

Add on the room spinning for minutes after i turn over and this is the most relatable post ive seen on here 😂😭

Oh I feel your pain, I ended up throwing my pregnancy pillow on the floor, it was winding me up even more🫣 as for acid reflux, rennies next to my bed were my best friend🤣 and not much I could do for sciatica, apart from hot water bottles and having constant baths. The midwives also said you can self refer for physio for sciatica during pregnancy. I used to get annoyed at my partner as he was able to sleep and I wasn’t🙈🤣

I feel you, gave up and moved to the sofa at 5am. Done with the tossing and turning for the night 😵‍💫

I and it all except the rib pains and my goodness I feel for you! The only think I have to keep you going is as soon as I’d had my baby, my acid reflux, sciatica and pelvic pain disappeared! It was the weirdest thing but I’ve never been so grateful to be able to walk and get out of bed🤦‍♀️😩! you got this mama!!

Yes 😞 ur not alone here , im only 22 weeks pregnant and feel like this already. I have a bad cold aswell so my sleep last night has been 💩 😞. Hope u get some some better sleep soon xx

For my bad upper back pain and rib pain I sleeps sat up 😢

I alternate ice pack and hot water bottles, I started magnesium spray after double checking with my midwife and that seemed to help xx

I no this isnt my post but any helpful information please have a bad cold 22 weeks preg, last night was worst cant breath nose hurts, drys up an then runs like a tap , bad sore throat , iv been takin throat soothers and hot honey an lemon , vapour rub , anything else please? Xx

I was having the worst acid reflux and my husband did lots of research and found some pills that are pregnancy safe. They are called Pyrocalm ( omeprazole ) and we got them from Asda. They worked wonders! I was waking up in night with sick in my mouth and was chugging gaviscon all night before. I showed the midwife too and they recommend them

Thank you all for making me feel better and responding to my 5am rant 🤣 Ended up throwing the pregnancy pillow. Putting a pillow between me and my husband so he wasn’t breathing on me and sitting up falling asleep with a hot water bottle. I’ve never wanted a pregnancy to be over so quickly. Just want baby here now ❤️ xx

@Emma how much further left x

@Sarah I’m 33 weeks now. The count down is on !

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