Am I ungrateful?

My husband and I got some diapers from his parents. They are Millie moon, I use another brand since they changed their ingredients. I told my husband we can just change the brand once we get to target to pick them up. My husband called me ungrateful because of that. Multiple times. I knew he wasn’t joking. I proceeded to calmly ask him how I was being ungrateful and he started getting an attitude and being mean. He brought an issue from earlier where I couldn’t fix this problem with our oven. This all started because I suggested we change the brand of diapers his parents bought us. My parents buys a lot of things too at our preference. I found it so childish and it hurt my feelings, but maybe I need a different perspective? Thank you to anybody who read this!
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Not ungrateful. If there’s a brand you guys use and it works - exchanging is fine. You thank the parents anyways for their help. I think it’s pretty standard to ask before buying anything.

I don’t think you’re ungrateful just for having a preference especially if you didn’t say anything about it to his parents, then i don’t see anything wrong with wanting a different brand… I also want to say I tried Millie moon and it gave my 1 year old a horrible rash.

@Jocelyn yeah they just talked to him and even though I told him I was over Millie moon I guess he forgot and told his parents Millie moon

@Emily thank you.. I know I read they changed their ingredients a while back and they decided to buy five boxes!🤦🏻‍♀️😭

Not ungrateful unless the response to each other have been down played. My MIL kept buying me various brands of nappies leading up to our twins being born. My husband told her repeatedly we are only using a specific brand. She bought ever brand except the one we wanted In my situation, that was rude of her. Especially when the brand we wanted was in a shop literally at the same centre where she bought the other ones. We sold them on marketplace and used the $ to buy the ones we wanted.

@Bee awh that sucks, that’s annoying. I personally didn’t tell them what my preference was. I wanted to just do it by myself, my husband apparently thinks it’s rude so I guess I’m stuck with this brand. It’s so many too. I keep telling him to tell them not to buy so damn many at a time. We don’t have space and our baby is growing so fast. On another note he’s been a mf dick since this “incident.” Not even sure what I did wrong.

I can see where he’s coming from if he’s specifically told them a brand so they bought them and then you’re switching it, to them it could look like you’re undermining their help. Surely the problem could be resolved with a phone call to his parents where he tells them he told them the wrong brand, thanks them and just mentions that you’ll be changing it to the brand you use? You’re not the ungrateful as you’re not rejecting their help, he’s just clearly told them the wrong brand?

I would personally sit down and have a talk with him (if you haven’t already tried) and try to figure out where the miscommunication went wrong, and let him know that he’s been hurting your feelings, and let him know your reasoning for exchanging the brand then I would go and exchange the brand since that isn’t your preference.

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