Keeping my breastmilk?

My baby is 6 months old. I’ve been back at work full time for about 3 months now. I’ve noticed my milk supply drop way way low. My baby is still primarily on milk, I’m super worried about losing it. Any suggestions for increasing my milk supply?
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You have to keep to a pump schedule . I know it's hard but that has a huge impact on supply . Invest in a wearable pump that you can discreetly use at work . All businesses are obligated to provide a room or area of privacy for mothers who need to pump . Ask someone at your office about this or if you have an office with a door that helps to . Pump according to your babies schedule plus maybe a little more at first just to get supply back up . Also when pumping it's recommended to pump no more than 20 minutes.thats a lie . Pump as long as milk is flowing .the longer you pump the more we are telling our bodies we need and thus supply increases . I always pumped 30 minutes to an hour . Might be excessive to some but it always created an oversupply for me to be able to feed baby as well as freeze backup supply . Create alarms in phone to remind you when to pump . Its tedious at first but once you get it up to what you need then just maintain it . Hope this helps

@Jenay Pump recommendations for discreetly pumping at work?

@Jenay Thank you for all that. I have a place to pump at work, it’s just finding the time too. But I like the idea of a discreet pump to wear while I work.

@Sydney a wearable pump . The Tserete wearable pumps sold on Amazon work amazingly and they aren't super noisy . Now the shape will show under your clothes but if your tops are tight then it isn't as noticeable but you can pump while getting things done (just don't lean over too far or jump up and down lol milk will spill out if on the fuller side ) they are fairly priced and even Amazon sometimes offers a coupon for money off the purchase . But if you go with another brand just look for reviews about the noise level because some pumps can be loud

@Jenay Thank you so much!

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