How much formula to feed baby .. ?

I’m so confused. I used to EBF my little one and unfortunately due to many feeding issues and stress my supply slowly dried up. Now we’re on all formula. The tin of formula says a baby six months old should get 240ml x 4 times a day ? 960ml ? My little one was always fed on demand but smaller bottles because he had bad reflux. He is around 10kg. He drinks around 700-750ml a day. And a few spoons of puree fruit or vegetables. Worried now I’m not feeding him my milk and he’s under eating formula he will start to lose weight ?
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Check in with your paediatrician if youre concerned

There’s milk guides available, chat to your clinic health nurse or gp and they can help you work out a guide based on bubs age, weight, etc

@Kyra I don’t have a paediatrician. I’ve seen three different doctors, but they’ve all been useless !

I've never followed those guidelines. Every baby is different. Our LO gets a mix of breastmilk and formula, all bottle fed, and fed on demand. She's almost 11 months and I couldn't tell you an exact amount of how much she ate at any point because I just feed her when she's hungry and however much she wants, and she's been doing great the whole time even though she was preemie, they know what they need. To me, as long as she's putting on weight + having good wet nappies + not constipated & not unhappy then she's getting enough. I'm with you with the doctors too, I've been in Australia since 2017 and I'm yet to find 1 GP I like, they're all as useless as each other.

Then go do a growth check with CAFHS they were really helpful for me when i was issues, my daughter is now 4.5mo and having 250ml 3-4 times a day with puree as well shes probably abour 6.5kg i weigh her once a month to make sure shes still keeping up

I went through the same. Was EBF until just after six months when I fell pregnant again and eventually realised my baby wasn’t getting enough milk from my supply. We’ve worked up to 180ml bottles (started with 120ml), and do these every 3-4 hours, with one overnight. Now that she’s finishing the 180ml I’m thinking of making up 240ml bottles so she has the option. But at this point I’m not stressed about it. She’s gaining weight and has more wet nappies than ever. She’s 8 months now. I was stressed in the early days but I can see that she’s doing fine.

It's just a guide you don't have to follow it at all. We see a paed regularly due to health condition and even he said do what baby wants.

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