Hi my baby doesn’t really kick his legs up to grab his feet. He does it very rarely. He also doesn’t put it in his mouth. Is this concerning? A milestone they need to hit?
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He’s 6 months on Friday

I honestly don’t think so every baby develops differently my baby doesn’t roll over yet and is about to be 6 months however if your concerned check with your pediatrician I am sure your baby is ok sometimes social media or things get us nervous best wishes

Every baby is different. My daughter was never interested in her feet meanwhile my son loves playing with his feet. Sounds like this is your first baby ❤️ give yourself grace. Trust that everything is just fine 🫶🏼

I started to guide my daughters foot to her mouth at 3 months so when you’re changing your baby just grab his foot and put it up towards him to grab and just place a toe in his mouth sounds weird but that’s what I did with my LO and ever since that she would grab at her feet and put it in her mouth!

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