crying at night

My 7WO is fine throughout the day but when night comes he cries hysterically, he might stop for 15-30 minutes but will start back up again. It’s so overwhelming. i try to feed him, change him, everything. It’s been the last few nights, is this normal?
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Is he napping during the day? Sometimes when my 6 wk old doesn’t nap enough she gets extremely tired at eod and doesn’t settle. For example tonight lol

My son been doing this alot too now and he’s 5 weeks he takes short naps and he back to crying so much

My daughter has been doing this as well she is 7 weeks and it’s usually gas. I try burping her again, doing stomach rubs and moving her legs.

I believe it is gas or overtired or wants to see a different room. We’re trying not swaddling so much for the daytime naps so he can get gas out and be little more active. Good luck mama

If it’s every night at the same time it’s colic, try massage and bicycle massage and switch your diet to diary free if breastfeeding and if formula try to change it and see if it’s getting better

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