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I’ve been exclusively nursing my 10m daughter, but I’m almost 5m pregnant with my second baby and my milk supply is dropping fast. I have no idea what formula to get to start supplementing!! What formula would you recommend??
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I'm not sure if you're interested, but I know a lactation consultant could help you keep up your supply if you want to continue breastfeeding her. You could even go into tandem feeding if that's something you'd like to do instead of giving her formula. Just a thought! 💕

I'm in a similar boat, the transition is going more emotionally tough than I thought it would be. But that aside we decided to go with a goat milk base I don't want to overwhelm his system. He eats cow based dairy products yogurt cottage cheese and everything but dont want to push it. Goats milk is usually used for more sensitive systems. We are using the breastmilk and the formula separately so making 2 bottles (5oz formula 3oz breastmilk). Tried mixing it but he did really like it but he has taken to it really well (I don't know why that makes me sad)

kendamil is great when switching from breast milk

@REBECCA 🌵 I think after so long you need to stop anyway. It could be like how they don't recommend pumping while pregnant because it could send you into early labor 🤷‍♀️ that's what I've been told by a few people at least.

@Amber breastfeeding throughout the entire pregnancy, and then tandem feeding is possible and very safe. That's why I suggested she talks to a lactation consultant so she can get accurate information.

@Amber it’s only a concern if it is a high risk pregnancy. I have zero high risk factors, so breastfeeding, nursing, pumping are all perfectly safe throughout my entire pregnancy!

@REBECCA 🌵 I’ve been working to up my supply but I plan on fully weaning her when she’s a year anyways so the extra work to maintain my supply just isn’t worth it for me at this point. Thank you though!!!

I had that exact issue and I had to switch to formula for my 10 month old because I didn't have enough of a frozen supply. The doctor recommended cow's milk based and I just asked for whatever they had. We tried the regular Similac and it worked well for him. Bonus was that we stopped breastfeeding just before he could ask for it, so it made weaning a bit easier. I'm not gonna lie, the first time I gave him a bottle instead of breastfeeding, I did cry, but knew it was for the best. He also started sleeping better after that, probably because his belly was nice and full 😊

@Aubrey I have high lipase so my daughter won’t drink my frozen milk, which is so frustrating because I had a HUGE oversupply and had to donate just to make room in my freezer. I stopped pumping around 4m and did really well for a while with just nursing but the last week has been rough making sure my daughter is getting enough. She’s been waking every 1.5-3hours during the night wanting to nurse and is constantly wanting the boob all day! We tried everything to get her to drink my freezer stash but she wants nothing to do with it, so we’re going to supplement with formula now 🥲

@Brooke I'm so sorry to hear that! All that hard work you put into pumping 😕 I hope she sleeps better once you make the switch. What worked for us was mixing breast milk with the formula at first so he got used to the taste. We used the same method when switching from formula to whole milk. Good luck! You are the best mama for her 🥰

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