Food aversions 🙃

I hate it!!! I'm 23+2 and I'm losing my appetite, i don't like that, i already have a unhealthy relationship with food sometimes, and since I've been eating better be been so happy and now I'm not feeling like eating anything, or even when i do, i lose my appetite when it's in front of me. Kind of worries me when if i don't eat either
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I'm the same atm, and I've previously had a bad relationship with food leading to eating disorders so I understand how you're feeling, I just tend to snack throughout the day atm so I'm still eating something even if it's not a full meal, my midwife has told me it's fine as long as I'm not feeling like I'm "starving" xx

I lost my appetite briefly at 23 weeks too but thankfully it didn't last long. I just tried to eat little and often which I now have to do anyway at 26+2 otherwise I get terrible heartburn and can't eat for the rest of the day xx

Aww guys that eases my mind. Knowing that it doesn't have to be a full meal here and there because sometimes the guilt sets in and I'm like "my baby must be starving" lol

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