Any tips on night weaning??

My 18 month old wakes for milk (bf) at least 3x a night. I’m honestly done, I need my sleep and body back. When I’ve tried to refuse her and cuddle or rock instead she becomes absolutely distraught. Does anyone have any tips please I can’t let her cry like that, she literally stops breathing from being so upset! (We stopped day feeds as there’s more distractions with playing etc, she feeds to sleep for nap and bedtime which I’m okay with, but the night feeds are too much and I’m honestly exhausted, it doesn’t make me a better person the next day because of how exhausted I am! I even have slight anxiety about it because she will then hold my boob until she falls back asleep which I hate because I’m soooo touched out from constantly being touched and having to carry and having to feed.) I hate that I sound like I’m so ungrateful, but I want to be a good mother and a good wife and the exhaustion does not help! My adhd is through the roof with the broken sleep! Any tips?? I cannot let her cry it out!!!
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Have you tried to put music/Quran on low volume near her to try soothe her? My cousin said that helped her. I’m sorry you’re going through this💗

@Nori thank you! We play Quran throughout the day so she knows it, but it can be a little distracting at night, we do use a white noise machine, that has helped with being asleep a bit longer, but She just wants the comfort of breastfeeding 3ish times a night 😞

Could you try a comforter toy sprinkled with breast milk so it smells familiar to her to cuddle?

Try to do day feeds in a room with no distractions (get her calories in during the day) food and milk

Sometimes crying it out can also be good although I’m sure it’s too late now as you said she’s 18months the crying out method might not be good, InshaAllah she will out grow it sis! This won’t last forever

I could’ve written this myself. Except for me she wakes up at least 5/6 times. We co sleep. I did the same with my newborn and I weaned him off when he was 2 years and 9ish months. I can see history repeating itself now. I’m so shattered as well even coffee isn’t doing it for me anymore

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