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Okay so I was trying to give my daughter a sippy cup & she took it pretty fast (she’s 9m) I didn’t know you should give them straw first because of speech? Is that true or ? Is it fine that she just uses sippy Never heard of that. She won’t take the straw I try & try & she crys. This is the one I used
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I wouldn’t stress 💞

My girl had one like that at first now she’s recently learnt to use a straw , she can talk a little and she seems fine

Ease her into a straw, like put some of whatever she is drinking in the straw, plug it with your finger and and put the bottom end in her mouth and slowly release so she can learn to suck from the straw. She doesn’t understand the concept which is probably why she is crying. I usually introduce the straw around 8/9 months, in the way I described, BUT I haven’t heard giving a straw must be done for speech reasons… I introduced it so when we go out and I order a kids cups, my babies can drink lol

Straw cups and open cups are better for oral motor development, but it's more important to keep hydrated than to stress about the cup spout. Just keep practicing with the straw and keep it low pressure. She's got plenty of time to figure it out

Skipping the sippy cup and going right to straw would save one transition but it’s not worth stressing about. She’s got time to learn before it will matter. There are some interesting techniques for teaching using straws out there if you want to help her out.

skip the sippy. Straight to straw cup. Better for oral development.

@Sophie how old is your daughter

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