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My almost 4 week old has been able to have longer sleep stretches especially at his first overnight stretch. He’s been making it 5 - 5 1/2 hours (8-1ish) with us having to wake him up for a feeding. I’ve read online that you can let them sleep longer once showing good weight gain which is why I’ve extended from 4 hours. Is there any need to wake up at 5 hours or let him sleep as long as he wants overnight at this point?? Note we have our pediatrician appt Monday which I’ll ask at but figured ask here as well in the interim
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If he is over 10 lbs, that's typically when they start to sleep longer stretches, generally 4-6 hours. But yeah it's ok to let them sleep til they wake up as long as they regained to their birthweight and seem to be continuing to gain weight. Enjoy the rest!

@Carina thanks! He was born at 9lbs 15oz so he is over 10lb! But wasn’t sure how much was a weight vs an age thing! He’s definitely continuing to gain weight and eats well! Last night we woke him up at the 5 hour mark for the first stretch (he only sleeps super long for his first overnight stretch). I’ll definitely try letting him go a little longer!

Yeah that's normal. My daughter was the same with first stretch 4-6 hours then 2-3 hour stretches the rest of the night. Eventually got to 8 hours in the first stretch and one or two more of 2-4 hours after that.

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