Baby rolling in sleep

I know that literature says that if a baby rolls in their sleep on their own, it’s safe. But I’m over here STRESSED!! Are there any specific precautions I can take? I’m second guessing everything. What of the crib mattress isn’t firm enough? What if he somehow gets tangled in his sleep sack? What if the satin sheets I have for his hair aren’t breathe-able enough? How are y’all coping with this? Am I just a cray cray?
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My LO is an active sleeper so she will roll and even crawl in her sleep she lifts her head constantly I’ve seen her face down and then immediately readjust to breath better. Although all babies are different I think it should be fine as long as there aren’t any pillows or blankets they can get tangled up in

Nurse said that you should use firm mattress, no pillows, cushions and no loose blankets. I am just following these precautions. I am using babyletto crib and pure core 2 stage mattress. I make sure that my baby is sleeping on the firm side. I hope this helps.☺️

If your baby is rolling himself he knows to turn his head to breathe I stopped stressing myself out but I also keep His monitor on all night and I also took away swaddles blankets stuffed animals passi anything in the crib so his crib is completely empty!

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