Postpartum Pain

Hey all, I am not asking for medical advice but curious if anyone has the same issue and what steps were taken to help. I am currently 10 weeks postpartum. I had a 2 epidurals and a c section. During my pregnancy and even before I had high blood pressure so I was induced. After coming home from the hospital I had upper back and chest pain. My provider said it was probably muscles from breastfeeding. 3 and a half weeks in I had severe pain in the center of my chest and back that spread to my arms, the pain was so severe I had trouble breathing. My BP hit 182/113 the weekend before Easter the same thing happened. This time the pain was so bad I was in tears. I was prescribed labatelol during pregnancy, when I start to feel the pain and I take it, and it goes away. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Have you had a urine test after birth? As pre eclampsia can happens after birth too. Very rare to last longer than 6 weeks but worth a chat

@Jodie no, they only checked my blood

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