Fidgeting in sleep

So my baby is almost 3 months. She will be 3 months old in 6 days. Well normally she’s a really good sleeper and she’s in bed by 11. I know it’s late but she put herself on that schedule and it is a hard one to break. She usually sleeps still and calm but tonight she’s fidgeting and is having a hard time staying asleep. She had her bottle, she’s had a diaper changed, burped, rocked to sleep. Everything. She’s sleeping but every 5 minutes she’s waking herself up by jerking. Sjes not crying when she wakes up and kinda just goes right back to sleep. Ive taken her temperature and it’s normal. I ’m so tired but scared to sleep. Have yall experienced this?
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Do you have a swaddle could it be her reflex?

@Dee yeah she’s swaddled. Not too tight but enough to where she’s comfortable

Do you let her listen to white noise?

@Dee her breathing seems different but not too different. Her heart rate slows down, then speeds back up.

Maybe it could help her go in a deep sleep

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