Why can’t I wake up when my baby is fussing?

I didn’t know what other group to share this in but My husband has to wake me up when our 1 month old daughter is starting to fuss/cry at night and I feel like such a horrible mom that it doesn’t wake me up. Idk what to do. Please tell me it’s not just me? I want my husband to stop bringing it up and I don’t want to feel like a crappy parent 😞
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It doesn’t wake you up? Like you can’t hear her?

@Marisol not until she’s fully crying

I honestly have never woken up to fussing. Babies fuss at night when my son was little I woke up to full blown crying not little fusses. IMO babies do fuss sometimes for no reason but if they need us they will full blown cry.

My fiancé also doesn’t wake up to fussing and only wakes me up to full blown crying if it’s my night to take care of our son.

Fussing shouldn’t wake you up, crying should. Even then I remember once or twice my husband has to wake me up because I didn’t hear the baby, and needed to breastfeed. It can also be exhaustion.. it’s not easy the first few months

Why doesn't he just take over if he's awake already?

Do you have baby sleep next to you? My husband doesn't wake up sometimes even if baby is full blown screaming. Having the baby in a bassinet right by my head made me really sensitive to the sounds, but honestly if they are just fussing then no reason to wake up until they cry and need you to feed them.

Omg this is a blessing not something to be ashamed of. I legit wake up like there’s a fire in the house at every sound and it’s horrible and destroyed my sleep. I’ve been working really hard to get back to get my sleep and sanity back! You sleep really well and you wake up when she’s crying I see no problem but more an example of a well adjusted mother !

I was the same way with with my second baby I’m hearing impaired so I understand how you feel on not being to able to wake up to your baby crying 😭

I wish I had this problem. Just tell your husband to stop bringing it up and stop feeling like a crappy parent.

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