Why do guys only wanna parent when it’s convenient to them??

I’m sooo pissed with my boyfriend he only wants to parent when it’s convenient for him. As soon as it conflicts with what he wants he doesn’t do shit. He leaves the house whenever he pleases even when it’s late and I need help. He’s so lazy and selfish. He has no ability to truly put our child’s needs above his own. Cause he knows at the end of the day imma make sure our son is okay. So he lets it all fall on me all the time. I’m so tired of it I’m fed up. He could never handle what I do and he’s admitted that but that doesn’t change the way he acts. It makes me wanna just leave him and do it all on my own cause that’s what it feels like anyway. But I don’t really want that. I just want him to help more and parent more. It’s so frustrating how the solution is right in front of his face and he still won’t do anything. Like when will he grow up and mature? He’s 22 I’m 23 he still goes and smokes with his friends every single day for sometimes hours. When he is home he’s mostly on his phone or sleeping. He never cleans up after himself. Literally his only contributions to the household is paying rent. Which is great but sir u NEED to do more. As a mom we do soo much even when we are tired, hungry, in pain, etc. cause we have to. It sucks that he will never understand that feeling.
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My ex only wants to be a parent when he has a girlfriend ((: his current one is now pregnant too (they’re 26 and 46) so I mean I kinda get this. He has another kid but ghosted her when she was willing to do a DNA test lol. Men are just kinda trash

Baby girl; ima tell you rn, walk away. All you’re doing is allowing him to do what he’s doing. He knows you’re not gonna leave. So he has no reason to change.

He's still a kid that's why

Why do y’all choose to have children with men that can’t even take care of themselves 🤦🏽‍♀️

@Trinity✨ bc abuse is a crazy thing girly. It be like that sometimes.

@Shawn oh, I’m not denying that abuses real but why is it that we choose to lay down with men that are shitty and then still be surprised by the shitty behavior?

@Trinity✨ baby sometimes the “d just that good to be treated that way” 😭😭😭

@Isabel that’s a shamefully sad answer… I’m sorry but sex ?! That’s what’s keeping y’all in these abusive ass toxic relationships?! you couldn’t be serious.. there’s plenty of men out there and y’all stick with the one that ain’t good for nothing but some d*ck come on now ladies y’all got to stand up and stand in business!!! i swear we women do bad all on our own it don’t even be the man’s fault no more 🤦🏽‍♀️

You know there is a saying about 'lying down with dogs.' Expect to have fleas. 🙄

This reminds me of baby daddy #1. I did everything when it came to our daughter and if I said something as little as can you watch her while I shower it was an issue. Almost a year later I decided it was time to part ways. Because it took two people to create a kid not one. And if I see that I have to do it all while he’s just there you can pack your things and go. Sometimes you are better off alone. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or bad parent you just know what you and your kid deserves. The best! 💯

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