Sleep/night wakening

Morning Mumma’s, Please say im not alone with this 😢 Since 8 months sleep regression our little girls sleep at night has had constant night wakening. Ranging from 2-4 times a night. She will wake up full scale crying or sometimes it’s that she has rolled over and is up on all fours crying. Please say this is just a learning leap and it’ll pass! Anyone else the same?
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My LG is the same it’s exhausting 😞

My LB is the same, last night we had wake ups every 30 mins from 7.30-3am 😫

It will pass. My boy had it bad for a few days and is now only waking once a night and goes down almost immediately after nursing. It will pass guys, promise.

@Kaz oh that's a rough one. This was me several days ago. Full zombie mode in the day.

My girl went from 1 wake a night to a 3 week period where she was waking 4 times. Luckily it seems to have eased now and we’re back to only 1 wake which I’m fine with. We were convinced it was teething but no teeth appeared so I guess it was the regression 🤷🏼‍♀️

Same! I feel your pain. I am a zombie right now. Been 10 days of bad sleep. The 4 & 6 & 7 month rolled into 1 big regression. Had 2 weeks of solid sleep & now we are in another regression. It’s so hard! Must be development leap. My girl is on the verge of crawling so guessing it’s that! It will pass but it’s so hard!

Another encouraging example - I have a terrible sleeper since the beginning and once we recovered from the 4th month regression (which lasted until 7 months 🤣) we had few good weeks, then 8 month regression hit and we went back to waking up to 5x a night and being very hard to resettle. The past 2 nights we're back to 2 wakes, which I can live with :) So it seems to be easing. In the meantime, try to do as little as possible during the day to save energy, and if you can, have a nap. You're doing amazing, it will pass 🙏🏻

I literally have never had a night with less than 4 wakes, the other day I had 11 wake ups! I'm like a zombie - I found the cling film in the fridge this morning 🤪 send help!

Thank you ladies all so much, I’m so glad it’s not just going on in our house and we aren’t alone! X

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