Third trimester insomia

I’m officially 28 weeks and I have extreme insomnia. I can only stay asleep for 30mins and I’m back up. I only get 1-2 hours of sleep a night. I have tried everything and nothing is working. Anyone else dealing with this?
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My sleep has been THE PITS.

I go to sleep at like 3 in the morning wake up to pee at like 5-6 and can’t go back until like 9-10 it is the worst

I am 30 weeks and feeling super nauseous, down and very tired but as soon as I go to even nap I can't sleep I have been up for like 3 days straight

I haven’t been able to get any sleep so it’s me to be moody and emotional and now I’m just mean

I'm struggling at the moment too. Tossing and turning. Little one kicking the life out of me 🤣

I’m the same at the moment, just hit 29 + 2 and normally I could sleep anywhere within seconds but at the moment every single hour I’m awake turning over and over - I’ve told myself it’s my body preparing to be awake all night with baby so that’s the positive way of looking at it for now 🙈🤣x

32 Weeks and even though I am exhausted by the afternoon already, I still stay up till 2am 😒 Also I get fatter litterally weekly.. Even though I exercise wth!

31 weeks and exhausted but have a really hard time sleeping. I toss and turn all night, wake up several times, and now that my belly is getting huge I can never feel comfortable lying down.

29 weeks and also struggling to sleep! I’m trying to increase some vitamins and minerals (magnesium glycinate, vitamin D, vitamin B1) to see if it helps. And some aromatherapy and more exercise. Trying therapy and acupuncture too. I do find I suddenly need like 2 extra pillows besides my pregnancy pillow to get comfy!

My midwife recommended me unisom to sleep it’s safer tan melatonin that first whole night sleep was so good

I looked into this because I was struggling and all I could see was to exercise a little in the day, try not to nap in the day either, take urself to bed every night at the same time and try not to use screens an hour before bed. All typical good sleep advice really unfortunately:(

I did find however after my pregnancy massage I have slept a lot easier

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