Sleep deprived 😪

My 3 year old DOES NOT sleep. He never has done, and I thought dropping his nap would help. Yesterday he napped 1 hour as he was shattered then wouldn’t go to sleep till 8.45 and has been up since 5.30am!! I’m nearly 25 weeks pregnant and so tired, I’ve been up most the night with hip pain. His room has a black out blind, I’ve tried re-introducing white noise, i even put him in my bed this morning to try get him back to sleep. Has anyone got any other advice? I can’t go on like this, he also wakes up through the night. It’s a vicious circle, today he’s going to be over-tired, grumpy and just hard work 😢😢😢
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Not sure if you already do this but lavender in bath water, story, favourite Teddy in bed and lullabies to sleep.

@Melicia💞💜 yes we do all of this, it’s more trying to keep him in bed all night and the early wakings 😪

No advice as we are in the same boat it’s really tough. We stopped naps in the hope it would help but it just made the afternoons really hard work. Took the dummy away incase that was waking her when it falls out, she’s potty trained now too so it’s not due to a wet nappy 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m at a loss hoping that once she starts school in September it tires her out more, my first slept through from about 1 and a half my little girl has never really slept through. They say you never get two the same so hopefully the new baby will be a good sleeper for you🙏🏽

Iv also tried everyyyyything, white noise baths, expensive pillow sprays nothing has made a difference for us 😴

when my 3 year old is over tired I always think he needs a nap but then bed time is too late as he won’t sleep and then he wakes up at 5.30 too. When that happens I try to squeeze a 10 min car nap in at around 12 (if possible and he’s not at nursery) and that seems to help with the over tiredness. Does he wake in the middle of the night? My 3 year old still comes in our bed every night at around 1-2am and then goes straight back to sleep. It’s not ideal but it’s the only way we all get some sleep as his little sister (17 months) also wakes up and needs a cuddle. She likes her own sleep space though. Have you tried putting his mattress next to your bed? Also, the transition from 1 to no nap has by far been the hardest.

I haven’t tried it for myself but I’ve been told that magnesium can really help with this, and you can get magnesium supplements aimed at kids.

@Sinead even on the days he goes to school he still wakes early, we’ve been out all day today and he’s still awake now from 5.30am. It’s crazy, it’s like he doesn’t have a switch off button. I’m PRAYING the baby is a good sleeper 🥱

@Annabelle I can’t have his mattress next to my bed, as it won’t work with a newborn in July 😫 he does come into my bed sometimes then just fidgets and says he’s not comfy for ages which I think wakes him up too! X

@Roz thank you, I’ll have a look into that z

@Sinead urgh, I can’t wait till the day I’m the one waking him up 🥱🥱🥱

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