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I’m not doing a poll but it is a poll I ask the questions when I’m done explaining. My fiance who is dead set against more children he has two and I have two we do not share any , just said in the middle of sex (we are done now don’t worry 🤣) “come here and let me give you a baby.” I got so mad I got up and walked out into the shower because he knows I want a baby SO BAD but I agree it’s not the smartest thing to do at the moment and probably not the smartest thing to do ever. I go back in the room and he is passed out cold. Was he half asleep talking? Was it the couple drinks we had? Or is that his way of teasing me? Or is he serious? I’m trying to hold my excitement in. Why tf would he say that. My ovaries have been SCREAMING.
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lol idk id wait to see if he mentions it again. If he does he has definitely been thinking about it!

Yea definitely just watch for if he brings it up again. It’s totally could’ve been a number of things too. Don’t get too excited and set yourself up for disappointment though, just to be real with you.

I feel like men often say things like this during sex, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but see if he mentions it again

Idk just ask him tomorrow

I think a lot of men have a kink for finishing inside their partner so it may have just been talk in the moment, but he may also be thinking about it. Id wait and see but I wouldnt get your hopes up about it

@Hannah that’s my kink not his 🙈🙈 that’s why I’ve stayed on birth control because he is adamant no more kids. @Sherrie not to be too tmi but we were done with sex at that point. We were just laying there in our own mess. This would of been a second round had I of went to him

I’m ready to throw all the birth control pills away and start purchasing nursery items 🥹🥹🥹

@Tay I know 😭 he is so heavy on the no more kids won’t even budge on it. So I haven’t bought it up. That’s why I got super mad he said that. I felt like he was teasing. I did say “why would you say that?” And he said “why would you lie and tell me you don’t want one?” I said “of course I want one, but I agree with why you don’t” 😑

I say a lot of shit during sex that isn't going to happen lol, honestly I just get carried away 🤣 If I were you I'd mention it and just ask if there was anything to it then go from there. He could say yes there was or it could just be that it was in the moment xx

@Kirsty I just did that. He said it was in the moment. Ugh. Who says stuff like that in the moment though? I was ready to go buy a crib 🤣🤣

@incognito ah that's so rubbish for you, I'm sorry 😞 I can imagine you were, never know, he could change his mind. I did! I always said no more after our daughter but then we had a second x

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