Bible study / getting in your word and building relationships with God

Does any of yall do this ? And if so what do you do to get closer with God ? I’m curious to see and could use some more advice and inspiration 💓
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I used to do it and honestly made me feel so good but lately I haven’t and I want to but feel so unmotivated to get started again. I need to get back on it but I find it so hard to just do it

I'm struggling a bit too. I've been lucky to have friends sending me stuff and reminding me. First 5 is a great app to just start small. M is for mama is also a great podcast I like. I find it better when my curiosity it sparked by something. Like what does being filled with the spirt truly mean? (That's been my thing this week) I've also started listen to kids programs. My kiddo is a little young to understand but I find it uplifting. Adventures in oddessy, bible adventures, lamp lighters, ect.

@Mikayla I totally understand the feeling of finding it hard to just do it I feel like my soul needs it and wants to but my flesh my body just can’t get up and do it I’m always on and off with building my relationship with god I’ll be so good for like a week max and then I get caught up in my daily life and then procrastinate… AGAIN and I feel like guilty for keeping doing that it’s just so hard to keep it consistent even with your life battles

Totally understand that. That’s exactly what I go through and it is really difficult because I don’t have many Christian friends or a community to help me feel motivated

@Emily that’s great ! My mom sends me scriptures and quotes all the time and I get anoyyed I love my mom ofc but I feel like i get annoyed because I’m not on fire for it to recive it again But that’s great what’s the kid programs is it like on YouTube where can I find it ? I’ve been wanting my baby girl to be able to watch things like that when she gets a little older

Hi🥰 I am a Christian and do this regularly! It could be as simple as just picking up your Bible and reading a chapter with a simple prayer to reveal the meaning behind His words... Or what I started to do was a prayer notebook just writing down what I’m thankful for and protection over my life and my marriage and now our baby girl on the way. ECT. Also I got into a women’s group through my church and they do booklets and man I’ve been a Christian my whole life and I am learning so many things I never knew. Having others around you to lift you up and pray for you in dark times is seriously life changing. I am who I am because of Jesus and I continue to do everything I can to be more like him🤍 Gods always with us and loves each and everyone of us!!!!🤍🤍

@Maicy Wick I LOVE THIS Thank you so much luv you are truly an inspiring women of God I hope I can become a better women of god and get closer with him You just gave me the answer to my personal life problem I truly needed to hear that 🥺💕

Youre heart is so beautiful! I’ll be praying for you! Keep pursuing Jesus 🥰🤍

For YouTube: Minno - Bible stories for kids Life kids aka bible adventure Super book I grew up on Steve green hid em in your heart songs so I like those too. Other options: Redeemer tv is a free streaming service you can get. Right now media has an app but I believe also has stuff on YT. They have been working out bugs on your app so if you find one and tell them they activatly work to fix it. It's better all the time. Our local library also has adventures in oddessy. Hope that helps

The other things that have helped me is I'm plugged into a women's bible study and a Christian moms group. Community is huge. Some weeks all I do is show up and it helps me so much.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately and finding it hard to even pick up my Bible :(

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