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My 6mo’s sleep is up and down, but everyday from 4am/5am onwards she wants to be held whilst she sleeps until approx 8am. It’s very tiring for me and sometimes I struggle to stay awake. When put down she cries. Sometimes with a lot of effort (pick up out down multiple times and rocking her crib) she will stay down for max 20 mins. She just cries with her eyes still closed because she’s asleep or tired until she’s picked up. The moment she picked up she’s straight into a deep sleep again. This is fairly new, has been happening for a month or so. Anyone got any advice?
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I literally came here to write this, however my baby first woke up at 12.30am this has been absolutely relentless, she won't let me put her down at all, exactly as you say she's picked up and goes straight into deep sleep the moment i transfer her to next to me she's screaming again, (and i mean screaming not just a little cry) this is our third day of it now i'm exhausted 😩 😴😪 im here for any advice too xx

My lo wakes frequently from about 4:30, so I've started bringing him in with me for a few hours in the morning and we both get a bit of extra sleep. He still goes down fine the rest of the night.

Sounds like sleep regression, so hopefully temporary! Does co sleeping work?

I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this! She has become generally difficult to transfer through the whole night and takes a few attempts each wake up, but in the morning nothing works. I’ve tried co sleeping and she is the same. The moment she’s put down even right next to me in my bed, the crying starts instantly

Do you feed her when this happens? :)

My sons been doing this for about two weeks, fussing all night but asleep, then awake anytime from 4.30am but will sleep on me, I'm shattered! I'm assuming it's the 6 month regression a little early (we had the 4 month one early too). There's also a big developmental leap at this age. I'm just trying to muddle through 🫠 he's also been waking at 1/1.30 for his bottle when he would usually have it at 3/4am (he even slept until 5am for it just before the regression!)

Yes I do feed her initially but after the first time she’s in such a deep sleep when I pick her up that she won’t even latch again. Ah we didn’t recover from the 4m regression and still have hourly wake ups for most of the night, most nights!

The past week has been awful, hell sleep until midnight then up every hour crying. Breastfeeding sometimes work but he's can't be hungry every hour! I'm so tired and we're going on holiday soon... I really hope this stops

My baby has been doing this everyday from 5am-7/8am since the 4 month regression and we’re coming up to 6 months soon 😭😭 I partially think he’s made a habit out of it but I’m so tired to try to break it because his sleep is so poor

No advice only to say that I could’ve written this. Our sleep has never recovered and seems to be getting progressively worse since the 4m regression and baby just turned 6m. I thought the frequent wakings were bad enough but now it’s accompanied by him being irritable and upset, and then not settling except on me from 5am ish. Now he won’t even sleep next to me in bed once that time hits. He has to be on me with nipple in mouth. I keep thinking at least it can’t get any worse but honestly I just don’t know what to expect next!!

My LG started this too around 3 weeks ago! Waking up at 5-5:30am when she used to sleep through until 8am. I was putting her in bed with me and staying awake whilst she slept (personal choice, I don’t like sleeping with her in the same bed). This morning I tried giving her a feed instead, and after it she fell straight back to sleep until 8:30am and let me put her back in her crib. So now she’s on two 7oz bottles (first and last feeds). And then four 6oz bottles every 3 hours in between. Whenever I’m struggling I just tell myself that she’ll grow out of it and it’s not permanent. I know when she’s older that I’ll miss these moments and time spent cuddling, so even through it’s hard and demanding, try and cherish it because time passes so fast xx

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