My son has been waking every hour!! Any advice?

My son turned 1 in February and has been waking almost every hour for the past 1-2 weeks, he used to be a good sleeper until he hit about 6 months old, does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried cutting his milk through the night but it hasn't worked. To make matters even more tiring I am currently 7 months pregnant and dying of exhaustion!
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I can't remember how old mine was when this started happening to us but the one thing that really helped us was feeding her before bed. Seemed wrong but we started giving her a bowl of Weetabix before bed and we introduced sleep stories from the calm app. She's still not the best sleeper but that was the only thing that helped us

I think I'm going to try the Weetabix before bed!! Thank you

@Jodie how is he going to sleep in the beginning?

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