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I’m 4 weeks postpartum and obviously me and my partner’s relationship is different now that we have a child but I’m literally fighting for his attention or even time he sits in his gaming chair all day or goes to the gym I can never get him to have a conversation with me or lay in bed with me let alone anything he always tell me in a second but it turns into hours and never happens it’s like he doesn’t wanna be around me anymore and it’s really affecting my mental health I’m starting to not want to be with him anymore and honestly losing interest in our relationship because of how distant he is (btw I tell him how I feel all the time)
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I feel like this too and it’s killing me. Every time I try to confront him he shuts down and completely ignores me and the baby for hours

Is he paying attention to your child? Have you said anything? My husband dealt with post partum depression with our first (yes dads can get it too) and it made him super distant and we went through like 9 months of poor communication and fighting because he didnt realize that's what was happening so couldnt tell me.

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